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The workplace is rapidly evolving with a consistent shift towards collaborative, flexible and anytime-anywhere working.

Unified Communication solutions help organisations prosper in this environment by providing tools that allow you to communicate via your preferred method (voice, e-mail, chat, video, collaboration) and device (mobile phone, labtop, tablet).

Tie Networks enables communication in any location, on any device, at any time.





Benefits of Tie Networks Unified Communication solutions


  • Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need
  • Minimise delays and improve customer interaction
  • Make a mobile device an extension of the corporate network so workers can be productive anywhere
  • Access and share video on desktop, mobile devices and on demand as easily as making a phone call
  • Facilitate better team interactions dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual workgroups and customers

 Tie Networks constantly innovates to provide your organisation with a Unified Communication Solution that enhances and optimises productivity.






Communicate anywhere, anytime on any device

A solution that allows you to connect and collaborate with each other easily, efficiently, seamlessly and securely.

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Intelligent communication

Solutions to transform your business and drive productivity.

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