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Tie Networks have a team that is dedicated to delivering a successful outcome for our clients.

The team is a diverse and dedicated group of communications technology experts and consultants. We are passionate about business transformation, our customers and future-proof solutions.

On each project Tie Networks will build a unique team with the skills required to deliver your solution.

Our Team

  • Andrew Simpson

    General Manager

    Andrew has a wealth of experience as an IT professional and General Manager. His ability to communicate with people across all areas of business coupled with his vast technical knowledge means he can assist with a wide range of technical solutions.
  • Steven Comerford

    Communications Consultant

    Steve is an experienced and proven technology professional with over 20 years experience in all aspects of the communications industry. A leader and expert in communications solutions, Steve can help you drive innovative business change and simplify your communications solutions.
  • Todd Rafferty

    Service Delivery Manager

    Todd is responsible for the delivery of customer service and has 25 years experience of service and account management in the communications industry. He has a close partnership with clients to understand their requirements and problems, and actively works with them to provide solutions.
  • Chris Hamblin

    Senior Communications Specialist

    Chris is a technical lead on a vast range of communication Solutions and is an expert on Mitel, Vidyo and Oaisys solutions. Chris brings a wealth of experience to the technical team and was voted the Mitel Australian Engineer of the year in 2013.
  • Julia Murrie

    Training Facilitator

    Julia is a people person and has been providing a memorable training experience for our clients for over 10 years. Julia understands the importance of the training experience and ensures a speedy adoption of the technology that our clients invest in.

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